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My pain is poetic — me

A Stroke of Destiny

He took her small, delicate hand in his as he confidently led her up the steps, through the grand doors, and into his gallery.  He had been waiting for this moment for so long.  As they began to approach his most finest, exquisite exhibit, his mind quickly reminisced on all the thought, emotion, and hard work that went into this intricate painting of his.


It all began 8 years ago, when he had first set eyes on this beautiful woman whose hand he was holding today—Julia.  Although they were much younger, the feelings were no different.  On that first, sweet night he was introduced to Julia, he was overwhelmed with a plethora of emotion that he had never experienced before and had never come to feel again.  In his mind, that feeling alone was enough to convince himself that there was something profoundly special and unique to Julia that he couldn’t quite understand.  However, being the enchanting goddess she was, Julia received the attention of all the boys.  His attempts to court her were simply unnoticed in the splendent eyes of Julia.  To Julia, any boy’s romantic interest was a dime a dozen, and that was just the way it was.  


He wasn’t good enough—but he didn’t let that discourage him.  He knew that to win Julia’s heart he would have to distinguish himself from the others to become noticed and then eloquently express to Julia the good he has to offer; he would have to do something unthinkable and sensational, something that could not be done in his current, complacent, and comfortable state.  Thus, he set out to a distant land where he could isolate and challenge himself in order to grow into a man worthy of Julia’s coveted love.  This period of growth was an extremely lonely and difficult struggle, but the mere notion of Julia that he held close to his heart helped push him through each grueling day.


He dreamt of her beauty and her feminine radiance, as he yearned to be with her day after day.  He planned out the life that he wanted to share with her—a life so sweet, peaceful, and full of love.  He envisioned all the wonderful things on this earth that he wanted to give to her and her alone.  


Finally, after roughly 5 years of deep introspection and reflection, the idea of all ideas struck him: he was going to create a magnificent painting that would attempt to illustrate to Julia this elaborate vision of his.  His vivid painting would be so moving and awe-inspiring that Julia would have no choice but to notice him then!  He spent years manifesting his dream of love onto the impressive canvas with extreme and meticulous detail; this was his one chance reveal his character to Julia, so he wanted to ensure it was his absolute best effort.  He did whatever he could to try and perfect every single element of his painting.  He made sure each stroke of his brush mirrored the tenderness he would show Julia.  He made sure each object in the painting received his full attention so as to maintain a precise depth and intensity in a way that would be similar to the deliberate care he would give to Julia.  He made sure each color was the exact saturation and tone he desired, because Julia deserved nothing less than the best.  


After 1,000 days of persistent effort, his masterpiece was finally complete. He gazed with delight upon his work of love and sacrifice as he thought to himself: it wouldn’t have mattered if it had taken 3 months, 3 years or 3 decades—as long as it wins the love of Julia.  


And here these two are now.  The years have passed, and the past is behind them; destiny has allowed their stars to meet once more.  As he and Julia take the last few steps and stand before the canvas that he had poured everything he had in him onto, he nervously swallowed his saliva before apprehensively uttering the words:


“I made this just for you.  Isn’t it beautiful?”


As he continued to speak, he became more relaxed and his words pushed out from his heart, flowed through his larynx, and reverberated in the acoustics of the gallery.  He passionately described each aspect of his painting and what every detail represented in his vision for them.  His adrenaline was running so high, as he never would’ve imagined this day would finally come; the excitement he felt was unfathomable, but he nevertheless attempted to conceal his emotion, appearing calm while trying not to ramble.  When he finished explaining the painting, he paused and exhaled deeply to let the moment slowly settle in.


His mind was anxiously racing as the seconds of silence slowly ticked by.  Then, the silence was finally broken as Julia’s graceful lips opened to deliver the following words in her sweet, angelic voice:


“I never really had a care for art.”


Julia turned away from the painting, exited through the grand doors of the gallery, and walked out of his life forever.