"You can’t juice Ice Cube, girl… cause I ain’t the one"

"Life is a game of chances, so I’ll take my chance with you; and you I won’t try to change.  We talk about it and I’d rather have a piece of you than to have all of nothing, so just be good to me."

Giving vs. Nongiving

Rather than looking at things in a ‘bad girl’ or ‘good girl’ frame, it might be more helpful to look at it in a ‘GIVING’ or ‘NONGIVING’ frame.

For example, the ‘NONGIVING’ girl only sees you as a prop, as a boytoy, as an ATM card. This type of girl is all about HER, of what SHE can get for HERSELF. As a mother, she sees her children as merely agents to give her ‘motherly feelings’. She doesn’t truly GIVE her life for them or for the husband.

The GIVING girl tends to be the sweet one. She sees children not as a bangle to give her more status to this world or ‘motherly feelings’, but as someone to sacrifice and invest her life within. She even has that attitude towards you. She is the ideal wife and mother.